Numenera: From Many, One

This is Snow Time for Suffering

Are we at Sharash yet?

In Medias Res; a fight with three hounds of Tindalos, fresh on Shilko’s tachyon trail.
—Yasimod gores a hound with his partisan, M casts a spell, and Shilko makes a clean attack with his buzzer thru the head.
—Y stabs the second in its shoulder, Shilko’s buzzer goes thru its haunch.
—Y thrusts underneath the creature’s belly and lifts it into the air.
—Shilko finally figures out that the three are Hounds of Tindalos.
—Y seriously wounds the last beast, and Margal slits its throat as a mercy killing.

—Avoid oily black hail, get into cave.
—Mark rolls a 1, gets ambushed by an ellnoica. Tentacles all over head. Stabs it in its brain case.
—Shilko fails to stab it with rapier.
—M shakes up ellnoica with Onslaught.
—Yasimod easily frees himself from the monster’s head-grasp (rolls a 19).
—Y swiftly grabs his partisan but gets caught in its grasp AGAIN (another 1).
—Shilko thrusts his rapier through its back and hits it in its heart, freeing Y and leaving the creature to bleed out.

—Lots of rest in cave.
—Yasimod explores the cavern, finds a box guarded by a laser trap that shorts out when he pokes the air with his partisan. The box has three cyphers TBD.
—The party ventures out of the cave and back onto the road, feeling wonderful from the godsend wind that fully heals them and makes them travel twice as far as they otherwise would have.
—Six orcs accost them and proclaim that they are full of misery and suffering.
They are specifically looking for a master for them to hate and be beaten by. Shilko tells them to serve his jimbo, Yasimod, as their great and powerful master, but Y throws his lutin light device and puts them to sleep. Our heroes hide, and the orcs leave, totally confused but still dedicated to their cause of spreading their woe to others.
—Sudden snowstorm hits, and Shilko walks into a wall of rock slide debris (a 1). Y climbs up the sheer wall of rock debris like a boss and ties it off so that S and M can climb up it w/o problems.
—They find their way to a peaceful village, where the mountain guides who live there attend to Shilko’s exhausted and concussed condition. When Margal mentions that the party is headed to Sharash and the Steel Star, some confusion erupts because of the Steel Hunters’ similar name.

—One of the guides, Derng, leads M, S, and Y thru a mountain tunnel that shaves off a lot of time. The reason is that there’s a pre-Ninth World conveyor belt/PIG pipeline. He doesn’t know how it works, but it’s used to get supplies when snowed out.
—The party gets inside the two conveyances (S and M in one, Y in the other), which launches them to a spot only a few miles away from Sharash by early eve.
—A needlestorm tornado comes barreling toward the party, but Yasimod takes no damage and leads the way thru to the small city of Sharash.



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