Numenera: From Many, One

Sins of the Father

The mini-session

Pikok, Ross, and Chuckman…
Tour thru maze of transparent pipes
Ghosts in the central chamber—they tell the party that a rock-man is holding the original Osmus hostage
Crawl thru pipes up to hatch, leading to an elevator room above the maze
Elevator takes them to the Heart of Arun—Ily doesn’t appear to be there yet

  • Glowing crystals with faces inside to left of entrance, O in stasis in the far back, blinking computer lights and a monitor to the right. A very dimly lit room.

However, Ily fades back into the room (glowing green and with afterimages of himself doing other tasks) for some exposition:

  • He explains that he wants to destroy humans because he’s afraid of them; they have not evolved over thousands/millions of years, and they were gone from the Earth only to return millennia ago as if they had never gone. Ily has never learned why, and thus his scheme.

Ily’s son, Pikok, says he’s too much of a coward to go along with his father’s plan, so Ily reluctantly decides to kill him and his new human friends, Ross and Chuckman.
Chuckman throws an ice detonation sphere into Ily’s mouth, which freezes Ily’s volcanic digestive system and gives Ross something corporeal to hit. When Ross does, Ily’s husk collapses into itself, explodes, and then gets sucked out of the material plane. However, Ross has a feeling this isn’t the last of Ily, especially since Pikok told him about Ily’s previous mysterious disappearance…
The Heart of Arun thanks the party for saving the original Osmus, creator of the Cloudbridge and the crystals encasing the formerly-human minds. The Heart informs the trio that there’s a teleportation circle that can take them anywhere they want to go, which allows them to arrive at Sharash instantly…



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