From The Ninth World Guidebook, pg. 250:

“Zargs are abhumans that worship a dark god they call Haru, Lord of Murder. They revel in killing and glorify the moment of death. They revere a concept they call ‘haruplas,’ which […] essentially means ‘the one who kills the most before dying, wins.’ In one of their elaborate religious rites, one member of a clan is chosen to be the ‘yumag,’ a word that means something very close to ‘avatar.’ The yumag is fed copious amounts of a mysterious concoction of herbs and animal parts that causes it to bloat to obscene size in a matter of weeks, unable to move. The yumag then […] produces an oil called ‘yumagal’ that the other zargs use to coat their bodies.
“Zarg mystics moderate the extensive and foul rites of Haru, and through their advice, they assist the warriors (the word for which is closer to the Truth term ‘murderers’) in killing to honor their god […] Zarg mystics also make shorm [strange devices that resemble
serpents made of metal and wood] in long religious rituals. Shorm are one-use items that spray a stream of caustic, toxic liquid at a target in short range. They also have foul rites for creating poison for their other weapons.”

At the village of Osmus, a raiding party of zargs attacked Shilko Shimilko, Yasimod, and Margal. All of them were slain, though they died as their god Haru would have wished.


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