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  • Ross "Viertis" Meyer

    "Death or Healing? I've given both." BACKSTORY When Ross Meyer graduated with top marks from the Colm Academy in Thaemor, he was hired by the Grey Company due to his secondary training as a healer. The pitch they gave him was that they did *justice* …

  • Klingklang Chuckman

    Klingklang Chuckman doesn't remember anything from his past. He has always known his life wandering around, picking up odd jobs where he can, and throwing things with deadly force and accuracy. He prides himself on his skills at throwing weapons, and …

  • Yasimod

    Yasimod used to be Shilko Shimilko's slave and has been freed recently, but he will always serve Shilko loyally as his yojimbo.

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