Ross "Viertis" Meyer

Learned Nano who Heals and Harms


Learned Nano who Heals and Harms

Tier 1

Effort 1

Pools and Edges
Mit P8 E0
Spd P11 E0
Int P 17 E1

I.D. Numenera (t)

Special abilities:
Rebuild Tissue
Spectacular Armor


  • Clothing
  • Book of Numenera
  • Book of Engineering
  • Book of Medicine
  • Buzzer
  • Suit of Powered Armor (Medium)
    Artifacts and Oddities
  • “Magic Thermos”
    Cyphers (limit 3)
  • Internal Detector (Lvl 3)
  • Memory Dust (Lvl 4)
  • Foam Limb (Lvl 6)

Onslaught mod 0, dmg 2 int
Buzzer mod 0, dmg 2 phys


“Death or Healing? I’ve given both.”

When Ross Meyer graduated with top marks from the Colm Academy in Thaemor, he was hired by the Grey Company due to his secondary training as a healer. The pitch they gave him was that they did justice through their contracts, and they got paid for it. After a year of training in combat, he was assigned to his first squad. Over the next decade or two, Ross served with several units, earning his nickname “Viertis” during a grueling firefight against rival mercenaries working for a wealthy target. Though the battle made him more taciturn and withdrawn, his comrades said it would have ended in a TW 1 without him. For his efforts, he was placed in the Company’s newest 8-member squad, the “Steel Hunters”, to be equipped with powered suits of armor capable of not just protecting their wearer but also bonding to their nervous systems with nanotechnology. Ross modified his suit to support some of his medical equipment, with approval from the higher ups. The Hunters were some of the best bail agents, in terms of their clearance rates on the bounties they were sent after, but they also were among those with the least scruples. This attitude led to Ross’ eventual break with the Company.

The final straw for Ross was when a bounty they were after turned out to be an innocent at least by Grey Company standards. A young noblewoman was accused of being a sorceress-by-blood 2 and practicing illegal esotery, so both Steel Hunter teams were assigned to capture her after she fled. After four of his comrades died in taking the target, the survivors pulled back and set up camp, where Ross confronted his captain with information proving that she was not responsible for the crime. But the captain was set on seeing the contract through, having spilled enough blood completing it, and frankly didn’t give escra 3 about the woman’s guilt or innocence. The remaining team members were more sympathetic towards Ross though, and as the argument got more heated, both sides drew on each other. When the dust settled, only Ross and the original target were alive.

Ross took his chance and ran, dropping off the target at a city that she said would be safe for her. Eventually, he crossed the border of the Steadfast, hopefully out of the reach of the Company. Now equipped with his suit of armor and his training, he hopes to make a new life. But he still fears pursuit from the Grey Company, and with every few steps he takes, he’s going to be looking over his shoulder, just in case.

1 An archaic acronym derived from a phrase in some old ruins near the Grey Company headquarters. Translations of the phrase are interpreted as either “Team Wipe” or “Total Wipeout”, though some still maintain it means Temporary Withdrawal.
2 A type of abhuman that manifests powers similar to but distinct from a nano’s esoteries. See the upcoming wiki entry for further details.
3 Short for excrement.

Always carries a notebook which is used to write down observations on unusual Numenera and its effects on biology, along with the symptoms and cures for new diseases he encounters

Ross "Viertis" Meyer

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