Osmus of Osmus

He has a cube for a head. What more do you need?


Osmus: level 5 NPC; he carries a number of useful cyphers


From The Ninth World Guidebook, pgs. 46-7:
“Osmus stands about 7 feet (2 m) tall and has a head that looks like a cube of synth with the projected image of a male human on its surface […] The people of the village of Osmus follow him unquestioningly, though they will not risk their lives for him.
“Osmus [claims to be] a human who lived in the early days of the Ninth World, many hundreds of years ago. Among the first of humankind to truly understand some of the secrets of the numenera, Osmus led a sweeping empire that ruled much of the northern Black Riage from within the Cloudbridge, the seat of his power. He was a benevolent and enlightened ruler, and his use of the numenera cured sickness and brought advancements that improved the lives of all those around him. Even today, almost a thousand years later, he remains a revered figure.”

Osmus of Osmus

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