From a nano chemist with the Steel Star--to an ADVENTURER!


As an NPC nano from the Corebook, level 3 (9)
Margal uses the numenera to shape the world around her, mainly through concoctions and chemistry. However, she’s willing to use violence depending on the company that she keeps.
Motive: Discover what’s really going on with the Steel Star
Health: 15
Damage Inflicted: 3 points
Movement: Short
Modifications: Resists mental effects as level 4.
Combat: Margal uses force blasts, bursts of flame, bolts of electricity, and other esotery-derived attacks with long range. She can also hover as per the tier 2 nano spell, controlling her movement to stay still or float up to 20 feet (6 m) per round as her action for ten minutes.
Use: Margal doesn’t follow the same rules as PC nanos. Her esoteries, like those of other NPC nanos, can have different effects. Nanos are uncommon but can be encountered anywhere. The PCs met Margal when she was helping a group of supposed Steel Star bandits synthesize the ultimate drug with the ultimate booze.
Loot: Margal starts with 1d6 shins, a weapon, 1d6 cyphers, an oddity, and an artifact.



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