Chief debater of the odlarks near Osmus


From The Ninth World Bestiary, pg. 95:
“An odlark’s large head bears a serene, indulgent expression whether it’s holding court on its favorite philosophical topic, tending to its grup vats, or laying into enemies with mental rays of force. Larger than humans but given to crawling on their many spiked legs instead of walking, odlarks can scuttle swiftly if necessary, moving across open ground or up the side of a wall with equal facility.
“Odlarks can mentally manipulate objects with their minds at immediate range, their solution for not having hands. The creatures normally live in communities of their own kind, encysted within ancient ruins on the surface, underground, or floating in the void overhead. “Odlarks culture organic machines (called grup) in vats from which they fashion all manner of needful things, including structures, implements, and food. Everything produced from odlark vats has a slightly translucent, melted look and smells of ale.”
Motive: Defense, debate
Environment: Almost anywhere, exploring alone or traveling in groups of up to four
Health: 21
Damage Inflicted: 6 points
Armor: 2
Movement: Short; long when flying (see Combat)
Modifications: Speed defense as level 3 due to size


Chirrup, even compared to his fellow odlarks, loves nothing more in life than having a spirited political or metaphysical discussion. When Shilko and Yasimod graced the odlark encampment next to the village of Osmus, Chirrup was chosen to debate them on the nature of suffering. He did not regret his task, and even though his peers named Shilko and Yasimod the winners, he enjoyed listening to such rhetorical skill…


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