Numenera: From Many, One

Crime, Mistaken Identities, and Baking

The three things a player wants most in an RPG

“It takes a lot to bake your doom…”

Based on Daggers at Midnight by Mike Mearls, “Something’s Cooking” by Andy Collins, and Basement Drug Lab by Cancelion

Outline (full summary will come soon)

In the city of Jyrek, Shilko Shimilko and his bodyguard Yasimod had just come from a friend’s house not too far from the main square, when suddenly—

—mindwipe Stefos; he says nothing

next, look for nearest merchant and ask him for info on Gregor
—failure, city guards and Krell show up
—they agree to meet at Blue Caffa (pretend to want to help PCs)
—Shilko fails to deceive guards that he and Yasimod have Madarius; Krell sees thru lie and gives signal for bartender to close up Blue Caffa
—Yasimod stabs Krell to death with his partisan
—another guy dead; three guards agree to cover it up as a dispute btw two victims
—mindwipe bartender to forget brawl
—one of the guards fills S and Y in on most of the plot; bartender tells them that Gregor is lodging in the Blue Caffa
—S and Y build a shelter for the homeless out of construction foam to guilt-trip the guards into leaving them alone; a PR campaign to beat them in court of public opinion if necessary
—also pay for Gregor’s room

—Gregor comes, realizes he has made a doop
—Shilko “you’re getting in the way of our good deeds” and “your note cause trouble for we.”
—Gregor offers to tell whole story as long as the PCs are discreet
—a datasphere search reveals that a man matching Madarius’ description is dead in a swamp. Yasimod puts some sneak on to confirm M’s identity, get his corpse to show to Gregor; Shilko mindwipes coroner
—Gregor looks at body, sees Steel Star insignia planted on it
—gives a plan to pose as a moonshine merchant to get them into the building and gain the Steel Star’s confidence before stealing the artifact. Shilko mindwipes Gregor and proposes the plan as his own, to which Gregor enthusiastically agrees.
—sleep at a high-end hotel near the Eyren before the dawn

—guard accosts the party and Gregor outside bakery, but Gregor makes it work
—S and Y kill guard after Andolyn takes down the other; Gregor stays behind to buy calzones from Andolyn
—one bandit killed, another held as hostage, the other five take 10 shins and flee, so the second bandit lives and gets to run too
—S and Y find Gendrew, who tells them the calzone golem is in a rage and must be destroyed; it was already attacked by bandits. Just then, it busts out of lab at that moment, S and Y get Gendrew to safety and then come back to attack
—a female lab nano, Margal, helps fight the golem before experiencing a trance for a minute, then proposes that she go somewhere with Shilko alone and “see his erection” (actually the homeless shelter).
—Gendrew helps repair Yasimod’s cybernetics
—Gregor gets 30 shins as reward; splits 10 each for S and Y, saves 10 leftover for Madarius’ burial



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